Doctor No-No's; Leaving Residency for Reality TV; Debunking COVID Misinfo

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Struggling to manage your clinical workload? "On-call-ogist" @marklewismd shares a new strategy with his followers.

What are five things you would never do as a doctor? @jakegoodmanmd, @dr.tommymartin, @brianboxerwachlermd, @dr.jmack, @tiffanymoonmd, and @theoncdoc share their biggest no-no's in this collaborative video.

Through a personal anecdote, Courtney S. White, MD, explains why medical interpreters are key to equitable patient care.

In response to a tweet questioning whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, looks healthier, Hotez says he has "no aspiration to become some American version of a shirtless Putin on a horse" and advises "Bobby" to wear sunscreen. Forensic pathologist Judy Melinek, MD, concurs: "I'm going to go with the one who gets vaccinated, avoids exogenous steroids and sun exposure."

Ryan Marino, MD, fact checks fentanyl misinformation at the door, according to this meme.

Though many are wondering about the fate of #MedTwitter, Dr. Glaucomflecken is hesitant to leave the eyeballs of the app behind.

Family medicine resident physician Caleb Arthur, MD, made his debut on "The Bachelorette" this week, leaving #MedTwitter with a lot of logistical questions regarding how he worked around his residency schedule to film the show.

Kat Wallace, PhD, debunks misinformation claiming that the COVID vaccine increases the risk of "autoimmune heart disease" by 13,000%: "So confident and so wrong."

Chukwuma Azoba, MD, MSc, proudly begins a new journey -- life as a first-generation physician.

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