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Diabetes Projected to Affect 1.3 Billion People by 2050

Advance of disease driven by high BMI, with social determinants of health playing a role

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Protocol Optimizing Meds for T2D and CVD Pushed Beyond Cardiology Alone

Endocrinologists urged to pay attention to COORDINATE trial

June 27, 2023
Yet Another Injectable Combo Achieves Near 15% Weight Loss in Trial

But GI side effects higher than other comparable anti-obesity agents

June 27, 2023
Semaglutide Plus Cagrilintide Reduced Blood Sugar, Weight in T2D

Once-weekly CagriSema reduced body weight more than either agent alone

June 27, 2023
Two T1D Patients Achieve Insulin Independence After Stem Cell Transplants

These were patients with "really debilitating diabetes," says investigator

June 27, 2023
High-Dose Semaglutide Pill Just as Effective as Wegovy for Weight Loss

Another study showed two high doses were better at reducing HbA1c vs a 14-mg dose

June 27, 2023
Novel Triple Agonist Nabs Biggest Weight Loss Yet in Obesity Trial

Plus, two other studies on retatrutide show benefit in type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease

June 26, 2023
Bempedoic Acid Gets 'Huge' Win for Primary Prevention in the Statin-Intolerant

More positive results in CLEAR Outcomes sub-analysis

June 26, 2023
Once-Weekly Insulin Icodec Bests Daily Insulin Options for Type 2 Diabetes

Superior to once-a-day insulin glargine U100 and degludec

June 25, 2023
Near 15% Weight Loss With Novel Oral GLP-1 RA in Phase II Obesity Trial

Daily orforglipron also lowered HbA1c in type 2 diabetes

June 24, 2023
ADA 2022: Racial Residential Segregation, DKA During COVID, and More

Noteworthy research presented at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting

June 8, 2022
Don't Ignore Depression in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes

Depressive symptoms and history of suicide attempts linked with higher HbA1c

June 8, 2022
DIY Insulin Delivery System Safe, Effective for All Ages

Users spent more time in target glucose range than those on sensor augmented pump therapy

June 7, 2022
Concerning Trends in Vision Impairment for Adults With Diabetes?

Steady decreases in the prevalence of patients with eye problems may be over

June 7, 2022
T1D Patient Achieves Full Insulin Independence After Stem Cell Transplant

But clinical trial currently under FDA hold as dosing is discussed

June 6, 2022