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Step 1

Your surcharges are converted for your surcharge and fee price list immediately.

Step 2

Purchase price of the drilling machine: your purchase price whether new or used.

Operational lifetime of the machine: the time in which you can use the machine without having the heightened need for repairs. The difference to tax entries: this has the goal to pay the lowest amount taxes possible, i.e. the shorter the lifetime, the larger the depreciation. Take your entries for your taxes. Even though the actual operational lifetime could be longer, that way you are not unnecessarily increasing the price for your work.

Financing period / interest rate: the app distributes interest (that you will pay or would like to keep as return on investment) over the operational lifetime. Should the financing period be shorter than the operational lifetime, preliminary financing requirements will automatically be taken into account. Enter the interest rate as the effective interest rate.

Yearly inflation: just like the daily cost of living is subject to inflation; your drilling machine is too. However, the inflation rate is not comparable to the normal inflation rate because prices for machine often rise much higher. For example, a VW Golf with purchase price approx. 3,300 euros in 1977 would cost you today approximately 19,000. That equals to approx. 6% p.a. The car from today may have a better feature, but inflation for your drilling machine will be very similar.

Total hours: the easiest is to write down the counter reading every year and use the difference to the previous year as the total hours for the previous year. Based on your business forecasts, you can determine how many hours your machine will probably be in operation in the coming year. In doing so, hours also accumulate during which the machine is not running, for example while loading. Surely these unproductive hours you also want to have paid, for instance, 50 hours in a year for loading etc.

Maintenance costs: annually for oil changes, filter changes etc.

Repair costs: annual costs of restoring operational abilities of the machine

Drill bits: annual costs for wear of drill bits and heads etc.

Step 3

Experientially drilling pipes and hammers do not have a lifetime as long as that of a drilling machine; therefore, it is differentiated here. Costs for the entire drill pipe for machine, regardless of whether for this contract or not.

Step 4 Results

Here you see the converted costs for the previous year and the planned year in comparison.

Step 1 for downtime

Execution time: according to your calculation for planned set-up time, for example, 19 drilling machines = 19 days, arrival and departure as well as assembly and disassembly 1 day amount to 20 days.

Material: in these 20 days from the example above, you process materials for 10,000 (gravel, clay, probes etc.)

Wages: wage costs including incidental wage costs and non-wage costs for 20 days from the example

Machinery: in these 20 days your machine will run 59 hours which results in 10,000 for this example

Surcharges come from step 1


Step 2 Results for downtime

During downtimes, your machine is unproductive as it is not processing any material

Wages: you cannot dispatch your personnel to another site, so labour costs accumulate for your client. Even though no work is being carried out.

Machinery: since your machine is not running, it is not using any fuel, drill bits etc., either. Therefore only fixed costs for maintaining your machine can be calculated.

Overheads in general and for the site basically do not change, regardless of whether your machine is running or not.

Risk and profit: as above

As a sum, you can see the downtime costs for each day of your order. You can also use these results if your client has from the start allocated a position for them in the bill of qualities.

It is highly recommended to inform your client of possible downtime costs before contract award, that way you do not have to discuss these at a later point in time. You can also include the original calculations in your estimate as screenshots.


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