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Higher Fetal Cortisol Levels Linked to Sleep Onset Delays

Greater neonatal hair cortisol at birth predicted longer sleep onset latency at 7 months

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Upper Airway Stimulation Device for OSA Holds Up in Real-World Analysis

Another study looked at the feasibility of a noninvasive strategy for obstructive sleep apnea

June 8, 2023
Morning Naps in Elderly People May Reflect Dementia Risk

Relationship vanishes after adjusting for comorbidities, however

June 8, 2023
For Some, Sex Is Better Sleep Aid Than Pill, Small Survey Finds

Two-thirds of people who use sleep meds said they slept just as well or better after sex

June 7, 2023
Happy Sleep, Happy Couple?

Sleep-related conflict was tied to poorer relationship satisfaction, researcher reported

June 6, 2023
Once-Nightly Narcolepsy Drug Preferred by Patients Over Twice-Nightly Dose

But the majority of patients within a large health system weren't prescribed the drug at all

June 6, 2023
Teen Screen Time Goes Hand in Hand With Wacky Bedtimes During the Pandemic

Girls spent more time on social media, and boys on video games

June 9, 2022
Supine Sleeping Linked to Breathing Issues in High-Risk Pregnancy

Researchers also found self-reported sleeping position is often not accurate

June 8, 2022
Unstable Sleep Patterns Linked With Worsening Cognition

Longitudinal data put sleep variability in a negative light

June 8, 2022
Researchers Urge Small Steps to Better Tailor Insomnia Therapies to Patients

Controversy continues on defining insomnia's subtypes

June 7, 2022
Is Sleep Deprivation Driving the Burnout Crisis in Healthcare Workers?

Panelists discuss fatigue as a mediator of occupational stress

June 6, 2022
Study: Not Sticking to Schedule Shouldn't Block PAP Machines for Kids With OSA

Improvements did not hinge on children meeting a standard insurer's threshold of PAP adherence

June 5, 2022
Sleep Disorders Tied to Dementia in Patients With TBI

Study evaluates outcomes by sex, independently of other dementia risks

June 14, 2021
Persistent Insomnia Since Childhood Linked with Mood, Anxiety Disorders in Adults

But no increased risk seen in kids whose insomnia improved over time

June 13, 2021
Sleep Study Data Predict Brain Age

AI model uses EEG signals recorded during sleep studies

June 12, 2021