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Second Opinions
There's No Anki Card for Empathy

Socioeconomic diversity among doctors can improve patient care

July 3, 2023
A photo of a female physician in her office listening to her female patient.
Second Opinions
Why Isn't Buprenorphine Available at All Pharmacies?

More access to this life-saving medication is essential

July 2, 2023
A photo of a female pharmacist in front of shelves of medication.
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To Fight the Gun Epidemic, Think Like a Parent

Healthcare professionals know the first step to wellness begins at home

July 1, 2023
A photo of a father and son outdoors wearing ear protection as the son learns about gun safety.
Second Opinions
I Am a Physician Face of Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court's ruling hurts, but still I have hope

June 30, 2023
A photo of Justin Bullock, MD.
Second Opinions
The Next CDC Director Could Learn a Thing or Two From Warren Buffett

Restoring trust in the agency will require more than just science

June 27, 2023
A photo of Warren Buffett.
Second Opinions
Without Early Detection, Fighting Dementia Is an Uphill Battle

A brief assessment in primary care can help identify patients most at risk

June 27, 2023
A photo of a senior man taking a cognitive test.
Second Opinions
One Year After Dobbs: Where Do We Go From Here?

We need policies that expand access to abortion care

June 26, 2023
A photo of protestors in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.
Second Opinions
Clinicians Aren't Always to Blame for Medical Errors

Organizational culture plays a central role in patient safety

June 25, 2023
A photo of a male nurse checking a patient’s IV medication in a hospital intensive care unit
Second Opinions
The Dangerous Reality of Pregnancy in the U.S.

All states should offer 12-month postpartum Medicaid coverage

June 24, 2023
A photo of a woman napping with her hand on her pregnant belly.
Second Opinions
Our Health Systems Aren't Ready for the Full Approval of Lecanemab

Screening, administration, and eligibility concerns remain

June 23, 2023
A photo of the vials and packaging Leqembi for injection.
Second Opinions
From Doxxing to Doctor Death Threats

Online harassment of physicians and scientists goes beyond trolling

June 22, 2023
A photo of a male physician scowling at his laptop.
Second Opinions
When the Doctor-Patient Relationship Crosses the Line

Upholding trust, ethics, and patient rights

June 21, 2023
A photo of an empty examination room.
Second Opinions
Breathing New Life Into 'Body Donors'

To the most sincere gift I have ever received, I thank you

June 20, 2023
A photo of the corpse of a body donor in a plastic bag in a morgue.
Second Opinions
I Never Asked Why the Bodies Kept Coming

An excerpt from Brian Williams' forthcoming book on racism, violence, and how we heal

June 19, 2023
A photo of Brian H. Williams, MD, next to the cover of his book.
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