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AMA to Amp Up Hospital Consolidation Scrutiny

"The entire healthcare industry is consolidating into one big clotted mass," says delegate

AMA over a photo of the lobby of Hyatt Regency Chicago.

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'We Need It Now': AMA Delegates Urge Public Health System Funding, Support

COVID-era funding is drying up as Medicaid rolls are shrinking

June 15, 2023
AMA Opposes Legacy Preferences in Med School Applications

Delegates persuade House members to acknowledge "discriminatory impact" of long-standing practice

June 14, 2023
New AMA President Urges More Action on Substance Use Disorder, Mental Illness

Jesse Ehrenfeld is the association's first openly gay person in the job

June 14, 2023
AMA Declares Payment Reform an 'Urgent' Priority

Delegates to hold leaders accountable for progress

June 13, 2023
AMA Delegates Make Short Work of Proposals on Abortion

But a bid to add vision, hearing coverage to Medicare lasted longer in the spotlight

June 13, 2023
Should Students Carry Naloxone? AMA Members Debate Policy Stance

Delegates also examine role in preventing border wall injuries and recidivism in jails, prisons

June 12, 2023
AMA Wrestles With Part B Drug Costs, Wheelchair Ramps, and Dementia Care

At the House of Delegates meeting, members debated on various topics

June 12, 2023
Airlines Need to Let Wheelchair Users Use Them on Planes, AMA Members Say

Rescheduling testosterone also under discussion at annual meeting

June 12, 2023
AMA Urged to Do More to Safeguard Adolescent Gender-Affirming Care

Association needs to move from passive support to proactive protection, delegate says

June 11, 2023
States Must Stop Criminalizing Medicine, AMA Delegates Say

"This is unacceptable...and it's time for us to push back"

June 11, 2023
Outgoing AMA President Calls for Unity in the Relay That Is Medicine

"Our common cause is to speak out for and to advance our flame," says Jack Resneck Jr., MD

June 10, 2023
Should Board Certification Organizations Have to Meet Particular Standards?

AMA delegates debate the question, air their grievances with maintenance of certification

November 17, 2022
AMA Edges Closer to Supporting Public Option

Members will also oppose employer mandates requiring docs to sign contracts waiving due process

November 16, 2022
AMA Discusses Emergency Cardiac Care, Abortion as Delegates Wrap Up Interim Meeting

Resolution on transgender athletes also approved

November 16, 2022

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